How to Choose a Table Saw Splitter How to Choose a Table Saw Splitter

A table saw splitter is a piece that usually comes with your table saw. It separates the wood as you guide the wood through the machine. It is also a safety mechanism. It allows you to keep your fingers away from the blade. Many people do not appreciate or like the splitters that come with their table saws. This feeling is usually due to quality issues. However, in some cases it's because the splitter gets in the way of their woodworking. By purchasing a different model, you can have safety as well as accuracy.

Where Is It?

A table saw splitter is located directly behind the saw blade. It is connected underneath the table surface in order to only have the splitter above the surface. It is usually connected with bolts and washers, so you can remove it easily.

What Kind?

Woodworkers are very specific about the type of tools they like to work with because of how good a job the tools do. You will need to find a splitter that has the specifications you are looking for. You will need to know what type of table saw you have and what kind of work you want to do with the splitter. If you know that basic information, you can start looking for your table saw splitter.

Narrow It Down

You can go to a home improvement store or to the Internet for your shopping. The Internet will allow you to search for multiple styles of splitters at once, as well as rule out different models because of style or quality. Discard the choices that will not work and narrow your preference down to models that will fit your machine as well as work for the applications that you want to use them for.


All splitters will need to accommodate your guard as well. Most if not all guards are attached to the machine via the splitter. Make certain the splitter you choose works with your guard as well. If it does not, you will also need to purchase a guard that works with the splitter you choose.


Many woodworkers tend to take off the guard and splitter for certain, if not all, applications. This is a very dangerous practice and can cause you to lose valuable fingers or even to die. Many feel that the risk is worth the reward of getting the job done easier. Keep in mind that the safety equipment on your machine is there for a reason. It should not take an accident to make you value the use of your splitter and guard assembly.

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