How to Choose a Toilet for Your Bathroom


Choosing the best toilet for the bathroom is essential for one’s comfort. Follow these steps to choose the right toilet for your bathroom.

Determine the Toilet Rough-In

The toilet rough-in is the distance between the toilet’s rearmost bolt holes and the wall behind the toilet. Usually, this distance measures 12-inches; however, that may vary. Some toilet models come in sizes of 10-inches and 14-inches. There are also instances when the toilet tank does not fit into the wall. In this case, a 10-inch rough-in is needed. Measure the rough in size of the toilet and take it to the home improvement store when purchasing.

Determine Other Size Factors

One of the factors to consider is whether to buy an elongated toilet or a round toilet. The choice depends on the bathroom size. If the bathroom space is relatively smaller, consider buying a round toilet. If the bathroom space offers enough room, then an elongated toilet is okay. When it comes to comfort, elongated toilets are preferred.

Consider the Height of the Bathroom

The usual height for toilets is 14-inches from the ground. These traditional toilets are best for a variety of people, especially children; however, some toilets are designed to be slightly taller to provide ease when sitting and standing.

Choose the Flushing System

There are two types of flushing systems from which to choose. Traditional systems use gravity, others use a pressurized system to flush waste into the trap. Pressurized toilet flush systems use an air compressor to pressurize the flushing mechanism. When the toilet flush button or lever is pushed, the compressor flushes water at high speeds to produce a speedy flush.

Choose the Toilet Style

Aside from choosing the right color, one can also choose between three different toilet styles. There is the two-piece toilet style that has been used for generations, the one-piece toilet style that is a bit expensive but easier to clean, and the stylish wall-mounted-tank toilet that offers the best aesthetic value for a premium price.

The two-piece toilet is the most sought-after toilet because it is the most affordable. For a chic and fashionable house or office, consider choosing a wall-mounted tank.