How to Choose a Wedding Theme How to Choose a Wedding Theme

There are many ways to choose a wedding theme. When thinking of a theme, consider your favorite color, place, flower, music, or food along with the type of wedding you want.

Types Of Wedding

  • Traditional
  • Casual
  • Destination
  • Fantasy

The Places You Can Get Married

A traditional wedding usually takes place in a church with a reception at a hotel or banquet hall. The causal wedding can take place on a beach, mountain, or in the country with a party outside or at someone’s home. Destination weddings held in different parts of the world generally use the local as the theme. Fly to India, Europe, the tropics or an Irish Castle for a destination wedding. A fantasy wedding is only limited by your imagination. For couples that have specific interests such as medieval times, space travel, or even a certain movie or book your wedding can be at unusual places like amusement parks, stadiums, movie theaters or zoos.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

The time of the year for your wedding can be a factor in choosing a wedding theme. Let the season of your wedding inspire a theme. Weddings scheduled during the holidays can become festive celebrations. For a wedding happening during Halloween, have a masquerade reception. Marrying at Christmastime gives you red, green, icy blue, silver or gold for color choices. A Fourth of July wedding can have sparklers as favors and a fireworks display. Winter can provide the setting for a traditional wedding with white fur, gloves, roses and baby’s breath. Springtime weddings can have wildflowers, lilly of the valley, forget-me-nots, or daisies. Gem or pastel colors are both nice choices in the spring for the attendant’s dresses. A summer wedding needs lightness in both dress and food. Use tropical colors for a cooling effect. The autumn wedding can have rich gold, red, russet and orange colors for dress and decorations along with hearty foods. Use pumpkins and gourds for centerpieces.

The Menu Creates a Wedding Theme

The foods you like to eat can help you find a wedding theme. If you enjoy Southern or Western barbecue, you can make your wedding a causal country affair. Gourmet food lends themselves to a traditional elegant wedding. Finger foods or buffet style weddings can fit a fantasy theme. Sometimes the wedding cake itself is decorated to reflect the theme.

Behold the Flower

A special flower is may be all you need to choose a wedding theme. Roses are elegant, daisies are casual, and cana lilies are tropical. There is an infinite number of flowers that a can help you create a wedding theme.

Your Wedding Soundtrack

To discover a wedding theme, listen to your favorite songs. Whether you enjoy rock, country, metal, big band, jazz or Frank Sinatra, your wedding theme can be found in the music.

Budget and a Wedding Theme

The number one factor in choosing a wedding theme is how much money you can afford to spend. A casual wedding is going to be less expensive than a destination wedding or a fantasy-themed event that is held at a large venue.

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