How to Choose a Wood Ceiling

A wood-paneled ceiling.
  • Beginner

Adding a wood ceiling to a room can add a touch of warmth and old-world charm to your home. Wood is a great choice because it’s reasonably priced and comes in many varieties. Here are a few tips to help you choose your wood ceiling.

Reasons to Reconsider

Wood may sound like a great idea, but what if your home stays more humid than most? Humidity can cause your wood to deteriorate more quickly than otherwise. Also, if you have problems with termites, adding a wood ceiling can just exacerbate them. Consider these things before choosing a wood ceiling.

Varieties of Wood

While pine is the most common wood used in home applications, others are more distinctive. Cypress and cherry are two such options. Since you won’t be walking on the ceiling, the wood doesn’t have to be able to take much abuse, giving you more choices.

Planks or Tiles?

Tiles are easier to install on a ceiling than planks are. They also come in many designs. Planks are your best bet if you want a more dramatic look, though. Just prepare for a lengthy and difficult installation process.