How To Choose Decorative Front Door Glass How To Choose Decorative Front Door Glass

Your front door glass will often set the style and mood of your home as guests enter. It can increase the curb value and overall appeal of the home. Here are a few things to consider when looking at decorative glass for your doors.


If your door has a long panel for the glass, or a large area that is covered by glass, you may want to consider glass that provides some privacy. Most glass door companies offer glass that is frosted or etched, which allows light in to your home, but will keep prying eyes from seeing the interior. This is a great option for side panels as well.


Many panels incorporate color into the glass. This will draw the eye toward the door and showcase the front of your house. You can find floral motifs that have color, abstract and art deco designs. For a customized look, pick out colors that match the door, shutters or frontyard flowers and plants.


The metal bands that join the glass with the decorative parts of the door is called caming. This is available in a variety of finishes that can affect the overall look of the door. If you have a classic or traditional door, choose a brass caming. Modern doors look best with black caming. Make sure the caming will match the overall look of the door before you order it.


If you will have a decorative glass door in your home, consider having glass side panels added as well. These are designed to complement the glass door and will allow for maximum light into your home. They look stunning and are easy to maintain.

Size and Shape

Decorative glass front doors are available in a wide variety of options. You can have the glass inlay covering the full front of the door, just the top half of the door, placed only in the center of the door or even dispersed throughout the door for an abstract look.

The size of your space will also affect the kind of doors you can use. Before you go shopping, measure your space. Remember that just because you don’t currently have a transoms (the glass panels above the door) or side panels, that doesn’t mean you can’t still add them. Measure not just the existing door, but the overall area that can be used for a doors, panels and windows.

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