How To Choose Door Handles

Choosing door handles can complete the look of your new or refinished door. A handle may be used numerous times a day, so make sure to choose a quality handle that will withstand the needs of your household. When choosing handles, ask yourself these questions.

What Kind of Finish Should I Choose?

If the door is an interior door that doesn’t get a lot of use, you can save money by finding a plated door handle. Metal plated handles are inexpensive, but they look classy. 

If the door is going to be used heavily, spend the few extra dollars on a solid finish that will withstand some abuse. Consider handles in brushed nickel, chrome and brass.

Who Will Be Using the Handle?

If you have children who will be using the door handle, keep them in mind when shopping for a new one. Choose one that is easy for them to operate, but difficult to break. A handle that operates by lever is easier for youngsters or those with arthritis.

How Much Security Will I Need?

If you are treating an exterior door, consider getting a handle that locks. Most styles include locks, but not all of them can be unlocked with a key from outside. Is this something you will need? Or can you save a few bucks by getting one that doesn’t require a lock and key?