How to Choose the Best Discount Upholstery Fabric How to Choose the Best Discount Upholstery Fabric

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Upholstery fabric

When you want to change the look of your furniture, discount upholstery fabric can save you a great deal of money. You usually find discount upholstery fabric in small quantities because either it was discontinued or it was not very popular. Before you purchase anything, make sure there is enough fabric for you to do what you have in mind. This article will help you choose the right discount upholstery fabric and provide a quick overview of the upholstering process.

Step 1 - Take Measurements

How much fabric you need is an important fact to know. When you shop for discount upholstery fabric, you may need more than what is available.

If you are going to cover a chair, remove the seat of the chair and the fabric that covers it. Lay the fabric flat and measure it with the tape measure. Take that number and multiply it by the number of cushions you need covered. Determine, from this final number, how many yards you will need.

Step 2 - Purchase Discount Upholstery Fabric

Just because you will be buying discount upholstery fabric does not mean that it will be so cheap you think it is free. The minimum you may find yourself paying is $11 per yard but some upholstery fabric can be as high as $26 per yard or even more. Consider the following tips to make the choice easier:

  • Leather is beautiful but hard to keep clean and is very expensive, even at discounted prices.
  • Vinyl can make a great covering because it is easy to clean, but it does not feel good against the skin.
  • Faux leather can make a good alternative to either leather or vinyl because it combines the strong points of both.
  • Nylon is an incredibly resilient fiber that lasts a long time and is easy to clean. Nylon velvet fits well in some formal dining environments.
  • Cotton is a smart choice because it feels nice, is absorbent and comes in various weights like canvas and denim.
  • Acrylic-blend fabrics can be washed and are not prone to shrinking. You can get the appearance of wool without the drawbacks.
  • A polyester-cotton blend is strong and does not easily wrinkle or shrink.

Step 3 - Upholster Your Furniture

Take your discount upholstery fabric home. Use the piece you removed to collect measurements as the template or pattern now. Cut as many pieces as you need for your job. Remove the seats and place them upside down on the fabric squares. Pull one side toward the center of the seat and staple it in place. Repeat with the side opposite the first one. To prevent gathering, you can cut the remaining sides at the corners. Then draw each up and staple it.

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