How to Choose the Right Auxiliary Adapter How to Choose the Right Auxiliary Adapter

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When deciding to purchase and install an auxiliary adapter to a car, first make sure to choose the right type before the actual purchase. The auxiliary adapter functions as a connecting point between a certain piece of electrical device and the car itself. Understand that the adapter supplies a port or plug where devices like iPods, DVD players, and other electrical devices can be connected. When these electrical devices are plugged into the car, the user can listen or watch the files through the car’s audio, and sometimes video, system. Read on to know how to choose the right type of auxiliary adapter.

Step 1 – Determine the Need

An auxiliary adapter can come in many different forms for different sets of functions. If only audio devices are to be connected to the car, consider buying a 3.5-mm adapter. This size is the most commonly used type for audio devices connected to the car. 

For people who want to listen to music and watch videos as well, consider choosing an RCA cable. The cable provides three different color-coded plugs that can be used to attach video-capable devices to the car. This adapter provides yellow, white and red plugs. The yellow plug is used for video input while the red and white plugs are for audio input.

Also determine whether a charger and a remote control are needed. Some auxiliary adapters provide connections that can be remote-controlled through a control panel installed on the steering wheel as well as provide charging capabilities that allow the connected device to charge. This is especially helpful when mobile phones are connected to the car’s stereo system because it allows hands-free mobile phone use.  

Step 2 – Determine What the Device Can Support

Before purchasing, make sure that the device can support the electrical device intended to be connected to the car. Some adapters only support iPods while some support CD players, DVD players, laptops, cassette players, etc. Check the product description that comes with the adapter to make sure. In addition, make certain that the vehicle information supports the device also. Compatibility issues may occur when the incorrect device is chosen.

Step 3 – Determine whether to Upgrade in the Future

There are some auxiliary adapters that can be upgraded to a newer interface version. If there is a plan to make use of an iPod or a newer electrical device in the future, pick an adapter that can be upgraded. This can be checked on the device information as well.

Step 4 – Buy and Test

The best way to save cash is to buy from a local store instead of online. When the device is installed and it does not work for a particular electronic device, it is easy to have it replaced at the local store with a compatible version. However, if it is purchased online, replacing the product with the correct adapter may be impossible.

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