How to Choose the Right Pipe Wrench Size

Among the handiest home tools is the pipe wrench. They come in 3 common styles: straight, offset and end wrenches. Learn below how to choose the correct pipe wrench size for your task.

Straight Pipe Wrench

The straight pipe wrench can adjust and tighten pipes ranging from 3/4 inch in diameter up to 8 inches. Made of heavy steel or aluminum, they have a threaded hook that self-cleans. The handle can range from 9 to 60 inches in length. Choose the length of your pipe wrench based on how much space you have available to move it in an arc.

Offset Pipe Wrench

Use an offset pipe wrench for pipes set at an angle or parallel to a nearby pipe. You can slip the offset head into the space neatly without damaging its neighbors. You can buy offset pipe wrenches in lengths as short as 14 inches, up to 18 inches long. Aluminum offset wrenches are fine for lighter-duty tasks.

End Pipe Wrench

These pipe wrenches fit into tight bends where pipes change direction at 90 degrees. Their handles come in lengths from 6 to 36 inches, for use on up to 5-inch diameter pipes.