How To Choose the Right Router Bit How To Choose the Right Router Bit

Choosing the right router bits for your router and the type of woodworking that you are doing will help with the quality of your outcome. There a few things to think about when choosing the router bit for you.

Shank Size

The biggest factor is the shank size. It is not recommended that you purchase a router bit smaller than the half inch size. This will help prevent breakage and give a smoother cut.


The material you want to look for in a router bit that will give better quality is the carbide-tipped type.  This is recommended over the steel type.  Carbide-tipped bits will also last longer. 


If there is any vibration in the spin of the router it will not cut in a quality manner and is really just plain unsafe. 


In general, slower router bits do not provide the smooth cut that is more desirable in woodworking projects. 


A well ground and sharp router bit requires less power and is generally safer. This will contribute to the accuracy of the grind. 

Finding a router bit set, as opposed to a single bit, that meets your needs is more efficient as well.

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