How to Choose the Right Wooden Shutter Slat Size

The slat size for a wooden shutter is one of the most important considerations when buying or making designs. Stores stock a wide range of shutter slats to choose from. The smallest size could be 47 mm while the largest are 114 mm. It is important to consider the amount of privacy needed when choosing a slat size, also keep in mind that it is difficult to see into or out of the room when they are tilted no matter which size they are.

Attractive Wooden Shutters

Shutters are more attractive when they have large slat sizes. Small fits tend to swamp windows with too many panels which make them look clumped or congested. Color on small slat-sized shutters tends to look too heavy when compared to large sized pieces.

Therefore, when selecting wooden shutters to add aesthetic value to a room, large sized slats are a good idea. Such pieces can be installed on long corridors or windows located in living rooms. Consider getting slat sizes in the range between 64 mm to 70 mm. They give a clear unobstructed view when tilted at 90 degrees.

Small Shutter Slat Size

These are available in the range between 47mm to 60 mm slat sizes. They work best in decongested rooms or areas. Keep in mind that small spaced louvers can easily make a room or space look over done in terms of color and accessory. It is important not to swamp a window with panels or it will end up looking too heavy on color or too detailed.

Size of Window

Always consider the size of the window when choosing wooden shutter slat size. This is a good guide which can easily help in choosing between large or small sized louvers. Large sized windows work well with small slat sizes. The reason is that the large surface area reduces the details and it does not look too over done.

Small windows are best suited with large sized wooden shutters. They help to create space and the surface looks less busy or congested. The overall effect is that both designs create an illusion of space which is an important aspect in the home and enhances comfort as well.

A Balance between Privacy and Illumination

Large sized shutter slats or those designed with fewer panels are ideal if the window is used to illuminate the home while providing needed privacy. Since slats are spaced further apart they give a larger gap between louvers which allows more light into the room. When one needs privacy, the louvers can be tilted at an angle to provide privacy or reduce the amount of light entering the room.

Other Considerations

The color used or decorations available on the wooden shutters can be used to determine slat size. Large lovers are ideal with bold colors or strong patterns or decorations; this spreads the effect which gives them balance. Small sized louvers look better with light shades of colors and fewer effects.