How to Clean a Basement Dehumidifier

What You'll Need
Household Spray Cleanser
Putty Knife

Many homes in humid areas use a basement dehumidifier, a device similar to an air conditioner that pulls any moisture out of the air. Due to their similarities, a basement dehumidifier will typically have the same problems that an air conditioner will, and will likely need a good cleaning if there is any malfunction. Read this article to learn how to clean your basement dehumidifier.

Step 1: Unplug and Start To Take It Apart

The first step is to unplug it from the power and take off the grills. Then remove and empty the water tank that is attached to it.

Step 2: Remove and Clean the Filter

Most basement dehumidifiers have a mesh filter that will need to be removed and cleaned. So locate it and unscrew the screws that hold it in place. Next, give it a good scrubbing and dry it thoroughly once you have finished washing it.

Step 3: Clean the Coils and Fins

Next, you will need to clean and dry the coils thoroughly. Double check the fins, and use a comb to comb them up right so they are not bent or stuck.

Step 4: Take Apart the Cabinet and Clean the Fan

Finish taking it apart and clean the fan thoroughly with a scrub brush.

Step 5: Reassemble

Reassemble once everything is clean and dried thoroughly. Once you have put it all back together, you can plug it back in and it should be ready for use.