How to Clean a Burnt Microwave

Despite our best intentions, items cooked in our microwave ovens get spilled and burnt on, or simply overdone. Two factors in cleaning burnt microwave ovens are removing stains and odors. Do both according to these directions for a sparkling, odor-free microwave.

Remove Stains

Take out any removable glass trays and racks. Wipe down the inside of the oven immediately with nail polish remover to clear off burnt spots. Rinse off the acetone with a clean, damp cloth. Spray inside the microwave with a plant-based all purpose cleaner, and let it sit for 3 minutes. Wipe off the cleaner with a fresh, damp cloth. Scrub the burnt areas that remain with a scrubber safe for non-stick pans, and rinse with a wet paper towel.

Eliminate Odors

Several methods work well to remove odors. Try these and see which is most effective for you. Heat any of 1/2 cup black coffee, 1 cup lemon juice or 1/4 cup vanilla extract on 3/4 power or about Level 8 for 3 minutes. Leave these to sit in the microwave for 5 minutes after heating, then remove and discard.  Alternatively, put an open box of baking soda in the microwave overnight and remove in the morning.