How to Clean a Cedar Shingle Roof

What You'll Need
Shoes with soles that grip
Oxygen bleach
Push broom
Garden hose

A cedar shingle roof will not only look more attractive if it is cleaned at least once each year, but some roof warranties require this cleaning. Cleaning a cedar shingle roof requires more than simply spraying off dust and loose debris with water. Follow the simple steps below to effectively clean your cedar shingles.

Step 1 – Plan for Safety

Climbing on a cedar shingle roof can be dangerous. Roof surfaces can become slippery from moisture, moss and even from becoming excessively dry. Be sure you protect yourself by wearing shoes that have gripping soles. Avoid standing on wet or mossy roof areas.

Step 2 – Avoid Damage to Your Shingles

Cedar shingles can be easily damaged or torn loose by high-pressure cleaning equipment. Avoid using pressurized cleaning equipment with too much pressure. Avoid holding the nozzle of your cleaning rod near your shingles, and apply the spray from above the shingles, rather than from below.

Step 3 – Cleaning with a Liquid Cleaner

Mix a solution of oxygen bleach and water. Apply this solution to your shingles and allow it to soak in for ten minutes. Then, while he shingles are still wet, use a push broom to carefully scrub them. Finally, rise the solution, debris and soil from the shingles using a garden hose.