How to Clean a Chalkboard

What You'll Need
Chalkboard cleaning agent
Clean white cloths

Whether you are a teacher who uses a chalkboard or a family who keeps their weekly chores on one, you should know that even chalkboards require both daily and deep cleaning. Chalkboards can quickly become dulled and covered in erased chalk, so consistent maintenance will keep it looking new and clean.

Step 1: Clean Your Erasers

Clean off the erasers. Take them outdoors and smack them together, or into the sidewalk or wall, to knock out any excess chalk being held in their cracks and crevices. Keep your face turned away from the erasers as you do this. Once they have stopped puffing out clouds of chalk dust, take them back inside and wipe them off with a clean white cloth.

Step 2: Erase the Chalkboard

Once you have cleaned up the erasers, use them to erase anything still written on the chalkboard. After that’s done, take a clean white cloth and wipe down the entire board, removing most of the remaining chalk. When you do this, make sure you wipe the cloth either up and down or side to side instead of wiping in circles or wiping randomly. This will give your board a very clean look. Make sure to take the white cloths home to wash for the next time you need to use them.

Step 3: Wash the Chalkboard

Now it’s time to actually wash your chalkboard. It’s important when cleaning a chalkboard with a cleaning agent to only work on a small spot at a time. The reason for this is to give the chance to towel dry the cleaned spots before the cleaning agents dries onto the board. This can leave a permanent stain, so be sure to dry off your board quickly after you wash it with a cleaning agent. It’s also important when using a cleaning agent to read the manufacturer’s included instructions on the side of the bottle. This way you will not damage your board and you will be getting the most out of the product.

Start at the bottom of the chalkboard and work your way up, so the cleaner doesn’t drip down and dry on a dirty spot on the board, causing a stain. Again, make sure you wipe from side to side or up and down whenever you wipe the board. Once you have cleaned the chalkboard with the cleaner, dampen a clean white cloth and wipe it down the same way, drying the spots immediately. For a more professional clean, you can utilize a specific chalkboard cleaning eraser.

Step 4: Daily Cleaning

A major part of keeping a clean chalkboard is daily maintenance. You can also utilize a chalkboard eraser cleaner for a thorough cleaning. Each day, take your erasers and either wipe them down or knock some of the excess chalk out of them. You can also make sure to wipe down your chalkboard each day with a white cloth in order to remove extra chalk.