How to Clean a Chocolate Fountain

After the fun and excitement of a chocolate fountain, cleaning the fountain can seem like a task best left to the morning. But if you are renting the chocolate fountain, then ensuring that it is completely clean is necessary to get back your deposit; and cleaning has to begin quickly after the chocolate fountain has been used.

Cleaning the Chocolate Fountain

  1. It is important to begin the cleaning task before the chocolate sets. It is far easier to clean a chocolate fountain while the chocolate is still liquid: you can try warming up the fountain gently if it has already set.
  2. Empty the fountain into a container, scraping off as much excess as you are able.Use a spatula to wipe off tiers and centre columns or tubes.
  3. If the chocolate fountain has dishwasher proof pieces, take these off and place in a dishwasher. Never put the motor and pump, contained in the chocolate fountain base, into the dishwasher. It is a good idea to put the fountain into soapy water before putting in the dishwasher.
  4. Use hot water and soap to thoroughly clean the chocolate fountain. Hot water helps the chocolate to stay liquid. Change the water and re-wash to ensure that all parts are totally clean.