How to Clean a Clay Tile Roof

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What You'll Need
Tall ladder
Chemical sprayer
Tile roof wash

A clay tile roof is a thing of beauty, style, and class. You typically find this type of roof on homes with Spanish or Southwestern appeal. They're also very popular in tropical and subtropical areas because they help keep the home cool. A clay tile roof is also a great rain deflector, diverting water away from the base roof. Unfortunately, this type of roof is prone to discoloration and dirt accumulation. The following article will show you how to easily clean your clay tile roof.

Step 1 - Initial Cleaning

man pressure washing a red tile roof on a home

Cleaning any roof is a chore that most of us want to avoid but it's something that has to be done on a regular basis. Avoiding cleaning the roof can cause tiles to fail, holes to form, and the structure to weaken. In the case of a clay tile roof, you will notice the tiles will lose their beautiful ruddy color. Before you can chemically treat a clay tile roof you first have to power wash it. You do this to remove any debris like leaves and twigs. Use a low to medium pressure setting as anything higher could cause clay tiles to break off the roof, fall, and break. Pick a spot at the roof where you can climb the ladder and spray the entire side, then do so in even motions. Wait for the clay tile roof to dry completely before moving forward.

Step 2 - Chemical Treatment

The clay tile roof wash is a special chemical formulated specifically for clay. It sets into the pores of the clay tiles and cleans the grime and dirt. It also serves to protect the tiles from the elements and to maintain their color. Follow the instructions on the container of roof wash you purchased. The general rule of thumb, however, is 3/4 cup of tile roof wash to one gallon of water. If your pressure washer has a reservoir for soap, you can add the roof wash into that. The pressure washer will mix the tile wash with the water as you apply it. Once the tile wash has been added to the pressure washer, spray it on. Climb the ladder at the same spot you did previously and spray on the tile roof wash in an even motion across the clay tile roof. Allow the clay tile roof to dry completely before you move forward.

Step 3 - Rinse the Roof

clay tile roof

Even though the tile roof wash will not damage the clay tile roof it is important to rinse it off. This will effectively remove the dirt and grime the roof wash broke down. You can add if you like, oil-free liquid detergent. This will help to further break down the grime but you will have to rinse the soap off. Clean out the pressure washer thoroughly and the reservoir as well if you used it. Rinse the roof off in the same manner as you did in Step 1.