How to Clean a Deep Fryer

deep fryer on a countertop
What You'll Need
Plastic gloves
White vinegar
Soft-bristled brush
Paper towels
Dishwashing soap
Baking soda
Plastic bowl

It is not difficult to clean a deep fryer. Deep fryers are a common kitchen appliance, continuously exposed to grime collected from frying different foods. Deep fryers need to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that the grime doesn’t gain a permanent foothold. Deep fryers cannot be properly cleaned using a dishwasher. The mechanic movement of water in a dishwasher doesn’t have enough pressure to dislodge the thick, oily crusts and the electrical components should not be exposed to water.

Step 1 - Getting Started: Basic Precaution & Setting-up Deep Fryer Cleaning

Unplug the deep fryer. Ensure that you wrap the connecting wire with a piece of dry cloth to protect it from the debris and water spilled during the cleaning. Inspect the oil inside the fryer. Rancid oil is easily recognizable with its altered coloration and a typical stink. Rancid oil should not be reused since it can prove injurious to your health. If the oil is not rancid, you can re-use it. Otherwise, empty the oil into a bowl, allow it to cool and then pour it into a disposal bag.

Never empty the oil into a plastic bag unless it has cooled down to room temperature, as it can easily melt the bag. You should pour out the oil from the fryer over the sink. This ensures that any spilled oil drops are contained with the sink and don’t harm the kitchen countertop surface. Remove the basket or filter of the fryer.

Step 2 - Wipe Deep Fryer

food in a deep fryer

Starting the cleaning with water or soap at this time is not recommended since the most potent of cleaning solutions can be overwhelmed by the amount of oily residues. Use some paper towels to wipe-off the traces of oil along the inner surface of the fryer. In fact, you can spread some paper towel sheets and leave them for a few minutes within the fryer. Remove the oil-soaked paper towels. Use some more paper towels to repeatedly wipe and mildly scrape the oil crusting in the fryer.

Step 3 - Clean Deep Fryer with Soap & Water

Proceed by dipping a sponge in a lukewarm cleaning solution prepared from water and dishwashing soap. When cleaning with the soaked sponge, ensure that you don’t spill water around the fryer’s outer, electrical connections.

Step 4 - Clean Deep Fryer Filter

Filters are best washed separately with high-pressured water. However, the pressure shouldn’t be so harsh that the filter is damaged. If you are not sure about the water-pressure in your kitchen, wash the filter with a soft-bristled brush and the cleaning solution used above.

Step 5 - Remove Deep Fryer Smell

removing food from a deep fryer

Some deep fryers develop a typical smell. Prepare a solution containing water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:9. Fill the fryer with this solution. This allows the vinegar to react upon any remaining traces of debris and neutralize the smell. Pour-out the vinegar solution and rinse the fryer.

Step 6 - Clean Outside Surface of Deep Fryers

The outside surface of a deep fryer often develops a thin crust. It is unwise to use harsh, abrasive agents or brushes, as they can permanently scratch the surface. It is better to use a branded degreaser. You can also use a household paste prepared from water and some baking soda. Apply the paste or degreasing compound liberally over the fryer. You can use your finger to apply the paste or a paintbrush. Allow the paste to act upon the grime for about 10 minutes. Use paper towels to repeatedly wipe the deep fryer. Rinse and dry the deep fryer.