How to Clean a Dirty Flue Pipe

If you have a wood stove or heater, you will have to clean the flue pipe. This is not a very difficult job and can be done in one weekend. With very little time and equipment, you will be able to finish the job. Here’s how you clean the flue pipe.

Chimney Brush

You need to get the right size chimney brush to clean the flue pipe. Measure the pipe and buy the brush from the hardware store. You will also need to purchase connecting rods. Attach the connecting rods to your brush and place it near the chimney. Keep the ladder ready. Use the ladder to climb up the roof.


Take the chimney brush and lower it down into the chimney. Push the brush down to the bottom end of the chimney. Repeat the pushing and pulling process until all the build-up falls to the bottom of the chimney.

Remove all the debris that has fallen down from the chimney on to the chimney clean out. You will need to wear heavy work gloves to clear this out. If you maintain your chimney on a regular basis, this project is very simple and quick. However, if you only clean it once a year, set aside more time to clean out your flue because there will be more material to remove.