How to Clean a Flagstone Patio

A flagstone patio may look very pretty, but there is work involved in keeping it that way. Make sure you give your patio a thorough cleaning twice a year, at the end of both summer and winter. Flagstones are very easy to clean, but some detergents are too strong. If your patio doesn’t have good drainage, invest in a green detergent and read the instructions carefully before using.

Follow these steps to clean a flagstone patio.

  • Read the instructions to the flagstone cleaning solution carefully.
  • Mix about four gallons of water in a bucket with a cup of flagstone cleaner.
  • Apply the mixture to the flagstones with a stiff broom making sure the mortar is covered too. Apply extra mixture on stubborn stains.
  • Let mixture sink in for five minutes.
  • With a hard brush, scrub the patio well, especially the stained areas.
  • Using a garden hose, rinse off the flagstone patio making sure you get all the cleaning liquid off the patio. If there are still stains, use some extra solution and repeat the procedure again till the patio looks clean.
  • Let the patio dry thoroughly over the next few days. Take a hard broom and sweep the flagstone well, until is spotless.