How to Clean a Frosted Glass Window How to Clean a Frosted Glass Window

Frosted glass has been around for many centuries through many cultures. Having a frosted glass window in your home can transform a dull room into a vibrant room. Although, frosted glass is great to look at, looking through a dirty frosted glass window can be very displeasing. Therefore, taking proper procedures to keeping your precious glass clean can keep your glass shining for many years with regular cleanings.

What Cleaning Products should be Used on Frosted Glass?

The products needed to clean frosted glass is very different from the product that are used on regular glass. The use of glass cleaners are acceptable to use on regular glass, but should be avoided at all cost when cleaning glass that is frosted. The only solution that should be used on frosted glass is purified water with nothing added.

  • Wiping down a frosted glass window with purified water will adequately remove dirt without leaving behind a hazy film.
  • Using a squeegee, wipe the window with the purified water until it is completed saturated.
  • With a dry cloth, dry the frosted glass window in a circular motion.
  • Continue drying the window until there are no streaks remaining. 

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