How to Clean a Fur Pelt

A soft, beautiful fur pelt can add its warmth and rich texture to your home for decades with the right care and cleaning. Use these tips to clean your fur pelts to prevent wear and loss of the silky hairs.

Dry Clean Your Fur at Home

Powdery soft cornstarch, a natural moisture and odor absorbent, is an excellent dry cleaner for fur. Dampen a soft cloth, such as flannel or polyester fleece and sprinkle cornstarch onto the cloth. Rub it into the fur right down to the skin.

Allow it to dry back to its powder consistency. With a handheld vacuum cleaner on its slowest setting, vacuum out the cornstarch. Keep the vacuum head above the fur so it does not pull on the hairs. When finished, use a hat brush to sweep the fur gently in the opposite direction of the hair growth to fluff the fur back to its natural fullness.

Clean the Skin or Lining

Use a damp cloth to spot-clean your pelt's skin or fabric lining. Sprinkle with cornstarch to remove perspiration salt and odor, and brush off the cornstarch.

Store your fur away from humidity in summer, with cedar strips or moth balls to prevent insect damage.