How to Clean a Furnace's Combustion Chamber

What You'll Need
Liquid Cleaner
Water jet

It is a good idea to occasionally clean the combustion chamber of your old furnace. An old furnace can accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, so cleaning out the combustion chamber both prolongs its life and keeps it working at the right temperature. It is not a difficult task, and you should be able to complete it within a short amount of time. Follow these steps to clean your furnace’s combustion chamber.

Step 1 - Get Access to the Combustion Chamber

Before you access the combustion chamber, remember to turn off the electricity supply to the furnace. Allow it to cool down for at least two hours. Doing so will ensure that the furnace is cool enough to touch, and that there is no electricity to shock you. Open the furnace’s access panel using your screwdriver.

Step 2 - Cleaning the Combustion Chamber

Rent a water jet. These are sometimes called water cannons. They are comprised of a small nozzle on a long hose, like the ones you see at the dentist’s office. Add some liquid soap to the bucket of the machine and turn it on. Use the nozzle to direct water and soap inside the combustion chamber. You can also scrub lightly, using the very edge of the nozzle.