How to Clean a Griddle

What You'll Need
Pumice brick

If you have a griddle, keeping it clean is a necessity. If the griddle gets dirty and you do not thoroughly clean it, it will negatively impact the ability to cook on the griddle. Because of this, you need to be able to get the griddle squeaky clean again before you start cooking. Here are the basics of how to clean a griddle effectively.

Step 1 - Allow Griddle to Cool

After you get done cooking with your griddle, you need to allow it to cool a bit. If you try to clean it immediately afterward, it will potentially be dangerous. When you allow it to cool, you do not want to let it cool all the way back to room temperature. It is easier to clean the griddle when it is still a little bit warm. When the griddle is warm enough that you can touch it, then you can get started.

Step 2 - Scrape

Start off by scraping the griddle with a spatula or some other type of scraper. When using a spatula, you should be able to get most of the food and other residue off. Scrape it thoroughly so that you can get it relatively clean.

Step 3 - Pumice Brick

After you have clean off the majority of the food, you should scrub the surface of the griddle with a pumice brick. This will help you remove the majority of the food that is still on the griddle. Make sure that you go with the grain of the surface of the griddle during this process.

Step 4 - Clean the Tray

You should also take off the tray from the griddle and clean it separately. Some griddles will have multiple trays that need to be cleaned. You could potentially put these in the dishwasher or you could wash them by hand in the sink. Once they are clean, you can put them back into the griddle.

Step 5 - Wash the Griddle

At this point, you will need to wash the outer surface of the griddle. For this part of the process, you can use a mild detergent mixed with warm water. wipe down the griddle with a dish rag. This step should remove any food or oils that are left on the surface of the griddle. 

Step 6 - Dry the Griddle

After you have washed the surface of the griddle, you can dry it off. Use a dry rag or paper towels to dry the surface. Make sure that the surface of the griddle is completely dry before moving forward.

Step 7 - Season the Surface

Once you have the surface dry, you can season the cooking surface again. By applying the proper oil to the surface, you will be able to protect the surface of the griddle and prepare it for the next use. Once you are done seasoning the griddle, you are ready to put it away until the next time you cook.