How to Clean a Humidifier Tank

What You'll Need
Your humidifier's owner's manual
3% hydrogen peroxide
Soft-bristled scrub brush
Expendable toothbrush

If your humidifier tank has incurred a fair amount of dirt, dust or mineral buildup, you should educate yourself on how to clean a humidifier tank. Although this task should be carried out once every few days, you'll be pleased to learn that it only takes a few simple steps to successfully clean a humidifier tank. So, if your humidifier tank is in need of a good cleaning, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 - Prep Your Humidifier

The first step in how to clean a humidifier tank involves making a number of preparations. To begin with, you will need to turn off your humidifier and disconnect it from its power source. Once the device is safely unplugged, you will need to detach your humidifier's tank as outlined in your owner's manual or the manufacturer's website. After removing the tank, take off its cap and proceed to empty the used water into one of your home's sink or bathtub drains. Once the tank has been completely drained, make sure to place the cap in a safe spot for the duration of the cleaning process and proceed with the next step.

Step 2 - Clean Your Humidifier Tank

The next step in how to clean a humidifier tank entails giving the tank a vigorous scrubbing. Begin by applying some 3% hydrogen peroxide to a sponge, washcloth, scrub brush or expendable toothbrush, then proceed to give the inside of your humidifier tank a thorough cleaning. When carrying out this step, take care to pay special attention to any areas of the tank that have been affected by mold, mildew or mineral buildup. Once the inside of your humidifier tank has been successfully cleaned, repeat the process on the tank's exterior. This shouldn't take long, however, as the most prevalent forms of humidifier filth tend to be found inside the tank. Also, if need be, make sure to clean the tank's cap as well.

One thing to keep in mind when cleaning your humidifier tank is that you should always abstain from using chemical-laden cleaners. Using these types of cleaners on your tank is liable to result in harmful fumes being emitted the next time the humidifier is operational. Provided you don't allow long periods of time to pass between cleanings, you should be able to sufficiently purge any tank-based filth with 3% hydrogen peroxide and the above mentioned cleaning tools.

Step 3 - Give Your Humidifier Tank a Thorough Rinsing

Now that the interior and exterior of your tank have been cleaned, the next step in how to clean a humidifier tank is rinsing it out. Using a sink, bathtub faucet or detachable shower head, give the freshly cleaned tank a thorough rinsing, making sure to get rid of any remaining traces of hydrogen peroxide. Follow up by using a clean towel or washcloth to fully dry the tank before proceeding to refill it as outlined in your humidifier's owner's manual. Lastly, reattach your tank to the humidifier and, if you wish, plug the device back in.

The next time you find yourself at a loss with regard to how to clean a humidifier tank, just remember these three helpful steps.