How to Clean a Kitchen Sink Aerator

What You'll Need
Small bowl
Soft rag or washcloth
Old toothbrush

Maintenance of the kitchen sink aerator is simple. One indication that the sink aerator needs cleaning is when water starts to irregularly come out of the faucet or when water begins to come out of the sides of the aerator. This is a sign that there could be some items clogging the aerator screen preventing the regular flow of water to dispense well. It is an easy and no-fuss cleaning of the aerator that needs to be done to unclog it. Cleaning just needs to be done regularly.  

Step 1-Preparing the Sink

Pour in a substantial amount of vinegar in a bowl that could fit in the aerator. For safety before cleaning starts, cover the sink with a stopper to prevent items from falling into the drain.

Step 2-Removal of Aerator 

Take out the aerator from faucet that is attached onto it. The aerator should easily get unscrewed unless minerals have formed overtime and may require a little effort to remove it. Wrap the aerator with a washcloth so that it will not get scratched during the removal process. With pliers, twist off the aerator lightly. 

Step 3-Soak Aerator in Vinegar

Once the aerator is removed, place this in the prepared bowl with vinegar on it. The vinegar should be enough to cover the aerator. There is a choice to break apart the aerator to soak in the vinegar or to soak it as a whole. Dismantling and putting back together the parts of the aerator is easy to do. The parts that may need to be taken apart are the small screen, a frame housing the screen and a rubber washer. 

Step 4-Brushing the Aerator

Allow the aerator to soak in vinegar for a few hours. After some time, a noticeable sign that the minerals that were clinging to the aerator are getting removed. It is a good idea to be brushing the exterior part of the aerator with an old toothbrush to further remove any remaining mineral debris. Carefully inspect the whole aerator to determine that all mineral debris has been removed or if additional soaking in vinegar and brushing is needed.  

Step 5-Attaching Back the Aerator

Attach back the aerator by screwing the connections securely onto the faucet. Be conscious not to tighten too much the connection of the aerator to the faucet. Once attached, gently turn on the water. Thoroughly inspect for any water leakages by the aerator sides. When a water leak is seen, simply turn off the water and lightly re-tighten the connection. Turn on the water slowly after to further check for water leaks. The water should be running smoothly now out of the aerator. This is an indication that the aerator had been thoroughly cleaned. Make a habit to have a regular cleaning of the sink aerator twice a year to have a good maintenance of this kitchen gadget.