How to Clean a Limestone Tile Floor How to Clean a Limestone Tile Floor

Cleaning and caring for limestone tile floors is easy and it will extend their life. d to make sure that you use the appropriate cleaning agents, however, as limestone can be damaged by agents which contain acid. This is because limestone is based on calcium.

Step 1—Making Preparations

The floor should always be kept in a good state of repair. The gaps between the stones should be sealed as this will protect them from wear and tear. You should also get rid of any grit on the floor as soon as possible as this can cause damage. Having dust mats at the entrances to the room is a good way to help minimize grit from shoes getting onto the floor. Any spillages should be cleaned up immediately.

Step 2—Cleaning the Floor

The floor should ideally be swept but you can use a vacuum cleaner as well. When it comes to actually cleaning the floor, you should use a mild cleaner which is designed specifically for stone. Other types of cleaning agents can harm the stone or the ground between them. A high quality alkaline cleaner is the best choice. It is also a powerful degreaser.

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