How to Clean a Meat Slicer

white, clean meat and cheese slicer sitting on counter
What You'll Need
Chlorine bleach
Cut-resistant gloves
2 cleaning cloths
A 1-gallon bucket
Hot water
Dish detergent
Cooking oil

Although commercial and home meat slicers are useful for slicing cheese and meat quickly, they can harbor bacteria and possibly cause food poisoning if they aren’t kept clean. In addition, both types of slicers can majorly injure your hand if they’re jammed from improper maintenance or cleaning. Keep your slicer clean by following the guidelines below.

Warning: Be sure to wear cut-resistant gloves when using and cleaning a meat slicer. Follow any special instructions as provided by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual, and always take the appropriate safety precautions.

Step 1 – Disconnecting the Power

First, disconnect the meat slicer from the power source. Set the blade setting on the appliance to zero.

Step 2 – Preparing the Sanitizing Solution

Fill a 1-gallon bucket half full with hot water. Carefully add 1 cup of bleach to the water and immerse the cleaning cloths in the water. Squeeze out any excess sanitizing solution from the cleaning cloth.

Step 3 – Removing Particles

Put on the cut-resistant gloves and remove any clutter from the countertop where you are working. Remove all of the cutting accessories from the slicer. Take out any larger pieces of cheese or meat from the slicer with the sanitized cloth, and then unscrew the screw securing the blade cover to the appliance.

Step 4 – Cleaning the Slicer

Fill the sink with hot water. Add three squirts of dish detergent to the water. Combine the water and the detergent to create a sink full of bubbles. Then, follow the instructions provided with the meat slicer and wash it with hot water and detergent.

Completely wash all of the parts that have come into contact with food. Both sides of the blade should be washed, using circular wiping motions and moving from the center of the blade outward. Rinse the parts with hot water to remove any residual soap.

Step 5 – Sanitizing the Slicer

Next, use a hot-water rinse to clean the detergent solution from the slicer. Apply the bleach solution to the meat slicer, and allow it to dry thoroughly on its own. Then, cautiously apply a thin coat of cooking oil to the slicing blade.

Step 6 – Reassembling the Slicer

Once the machine is dry, reassemble its parts. Make sure the parts are reassembled as soon as possible after cleaning to prevent being injured from the exposed blade.

Step 7 – Cleaning the Countertop

Gently move the meat slicer out of its normal position on the counter. Use the sanitized cloth to clean the countertop where the appliance usually sits.

Step 8 – Reconnecting the Power Source

Before the meat slicer is plugged back in, make sure the appliance is turned off.

Step 9 – Regular Cleaning

The meat slicer should be carefully and thoroughly cleaned after every use to prevent bacteria and injury. In addition, you should sharpen its blades regularly.