How to Clean a Motorcycle Engine

A row of motorcycles.
What You'll Need
Plastic bags
Masking tape
Citrus-based degreaser (orange or lemon)
Water hose and spray nozzle (high pressure type)
Smallbrush with soft bristles
Air compressor and air hose (or canned air if compressor not available)
Air nozzle
Rubber seal protectant
Warm soapy water
Dry towels
Chrome polish

You should occasionally clean your motorcycle engine to keep your bike looking its best and to also help keep it in top running order. Cleaning the engine on your motorcycle is a great DIY project that will save you a lot of money versus taking the bike to a professional detail shop. This easy to follow guide will show you what you need to do.

    Step 1 - Spray Out Dust with Compressed Air

    First, use your air compressor or can of compressed air to blow out as much dirt and dust from the motorcycle engine as possible.

    Step 2 - Cover Sensitive Parts

    Next, take the small plastic bags and masking tape and cover any sensitive areas of the engine. For instance, you should cover the fuse block, ignition coil, and spark plug of your engine to prevent them from getting wet.

    Step 3 - Apply De-Greaser to Engine Area

    Take the citrus based degreasing agent and spray it liberally on the surface area of the motorcycle engine. Follow the directions on the degreasing agent and allow it to set in for the appropriate amount of time. In most cases, you should let the degreaser soak in for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

    Step 4 - Rinse Away De-Greaser

    Next, take the water hose and a high-pressure spray nozzle and thoroughly rinse the motorcycle engine area. Make sure to remove all of the degreasing agent when rinsing the engine.

    Step 5 - Scrub Hard to Clean Areas

    Take a bucket filled with warm soapy water and a scrub brush to clean difficult-to-remove oil stains or other grime and residue buildup. Once you have completed scrubbing the engine, rinse the engine again.

    Step 6 - Dry Surface of Engine

    Take the air compressor or a can of compressed air and blow off the excess water on the motorcycle engine. Then, take some old rags and towels and blot dry the surface of the engine. Once you are done blot drying the engine, allow the engine to air dry for about 30 minutes.

    Step 7 - Apply Rubber Seal Protectant

    Follow the directions on the rubber seal protectant and apply it to any rubber hoses and the fittings on your motorcycle engine. This will not only clean them, but it will also help them last longer by keeping them from drying out.

    Step 8 - Polish Chrome

    Use a clean soft towel and the chrome polish to buff any chrome areas on your motorcycle engine. You may have to buff and polish the surface of the chrome for a few minutes before you see a high gloss shine.

    Step 9 - Remove Plastic and Tape

    Remove the plastic bags and masking tape that you used to cover the sensitive electronic components and parts of your motorcycle engine.