How to Clean a Motorcycle Fuel Injector

What You'll Need
A clean piece of cloth
Tool kit
Motorcycle manual
Pressurized solvent

Though your bike may be in a working condition, cleaning your motorcycle's fuel injector is essential. This is because dirt may accumulate in your fuel injectors and clog fuel flow or affect the fuel spray pattern. Cleaning your bike’s fuel injector regularly will keep your bike running smoothly.

Step 1: Locating the fuel injector

As each make of the motorcycle is different, you need to first find your fuel injector by reading your owner’s manual. Remove the fuel pump and disconnect the fuel line using the clean piece of cloth to catch any fuel spray. Follow the owner’s manual while removing the fuel lines.

Step 2: Connecting the pressurized solvent

Pressurized solvent is available in motorcycle supply stores and they come with instruction manual to fix them to the fuel injector. Start the engine to allow the pressurized solvent to flow into the fuel injectors. After the solvent is adequately filled into the injector, shut off the engine.

Step 3: Fixing the fuel lines

Remove the pressurized solvent and fix the fuel lines and replace the fuel pump. Start your bike to see if it runs smoothly; if it doesn’t repeat the same process.