How to Clean a Nursery Properly

What You'll Need
Mild anti-bacterial detergent
Vacuum cleaner
Window cleaner
Drawers, baskets or bins
Damp cloth

Cleaning a nursery is important as dust mites, bacteria, and molds can accumulate and bring sickness to your little one. Although it's not that easy to do, it should not feel like a chore either, that is if you know the systematic way of how to do it. Below, you will find a step-by-step procedure on how to clean a nursery the right way. 

Step 1 - Remove All the Dust

First, remove all the dust in the room using a damp cloth. Using a dry cloth will just send out the dust flying into the air. Damp cloth, meanwhile, absorbs the dust. Start with top surfaces of tables, chairs, and other furniture. Move on to the edges, corners, and sides of the furniture. Don't miss the toys sitting on shelves or the crib rails, as they also accumulate dust. It would be a good idea to remove all the items on the shelves and cabinets so you can dust off the furniture pieces more effectively. 

Step 2 - Do Some Deep Cleaning

Bacteria can easily accumulate. To sanitize the room properly, use an anti-bacterial solution that is also baby friendly. This is to ensure that the cleaner does not leave any residue or give off toxic smell. Toys should also be sanitized by washing in hot soapy water. Rinse the toys properly and dry them naturally before putting back into the room. Scrub the floors and all the windows. Wipe the walls clean. 

Step 3 - Wash All Linen Materials

Take out all the beddings, curtains, sheets, blankets, pillows, changing mats and so on from the room. All these things collect dust and bacteria over time. Wash them thoroughly in a mild detergent. Follow instructions for washing these things. If the instructions indicate that the material should be hand washed, do so. After washing and rinsing the linen items, dry them completely and then iron. Don't bring them back into the room before you vacuum the area. 

Step 4 - Vacuum the Carpet

Vacuuming is an important part of the whole cleaning process as it helps suck all the dirt and dust that have accumulated within. It would be a great idea to use a carpet powder during this step so that dust is removed more easily. Skip this option if you can't find anything that is baby friendly, as this may cause allergies on the sensitive skin of your baby. 

Step 5 - De-clutter the Area

Your baby has so many things that you would need to sharpen your organizational skills to make things easier for you. Organize all your baby's items to avoid clutter. Divide the nursery into three sections: sleeping, playing, and changing. Put all the items to the appropriate section. For example, all hygienic products go to the changing area. All toys should be kept in the play section. Crib and bedsheets should be placed in the sleeping zone. Use drawers, baskets, and bins to organize your baby's items.