How to Clean a Pet Bed

Pets are loving companions who fill our homes with joy but, unfortunately, they often bring dirt and flees with them.  For a tidy home, follow these simple tips to clean your pet bed.

How to Clean your Pet Bed

Start by vacuuming the pet bed to remove dirt, pet hairs, flea and tick eggs, and other debris. Then use lint to remove any remaining pet hair.

Now wash either the whole bed or the fabric wrapping, depending on which part of the bed is machine washable.  Refer to the owner’s instructions.  You will usually remove the fabric cover and wash this in the washing machine.  Use the warm water setting, add more than enough detergent, and repeat the process if the pet bed was very dirty.

Dry the washed pet bed outside or in the clothes dryer.  When using the clothes dryer, use a low temperature setting to avoid shrinkage, even if the pet bed is tumble dryer safe.

Pet Bed Cleaning Tips

  • When you buy a new pet bed, cut off the care instructions and keep it in a safe place.  Following these instructions will ensure that the bed will last much longer.
  • It’s very important to also give your bet a bath while the pet bed is drying.