How to Clean a Sheepskin Rug

soft sheepskin rug
What You'll Need
Wire sheepskin brush
Washing machine
Sheepskin shampoo
Sheepskin conditioner
Sheepskin stain-protection treatment

Sheepskin rugs, though plush and soft, can easily collect debris and get dirty. Instead of spending money for a cleaner every time your Irish sheepskin rug gets dirty, use this handy information to clean and protect it for years to come.

Disclaimer: You should follow your manufacturer’s special directions before proceeding with any of the steps below. You may also want to do a spot check to ensure none of the products used in this project will harm your rug.

Step 1 – Clean Away Loose Dirt

First, get rid of all of the loose dirt on the rug by hanging it on a clothesline. Brush the rug while intermittently shaking it. You may want to beat the back of the rug to knock off even more dirt.

Step 2 – Wash the Rug

The best place to wash your sheepskin rug is in the washing machine. If your machine isn’t big enough, bring your rug to a laundromat with a larger machine.

Presoak the Rug

Presoak the rug for at least 10 minutes in the shampoo solution to bring hidden stains to the surface. If you have bad stains, allow the rug to soak longer.

Then, wash your rug on a medium-low setting. If you have a high-efficiency machine, wash it in cold water.

Step 3 – Condition the Rug

To keep the hairs soft to the touch, use a sheepskin conditioner in the final rinse cycle. If possible, use an extra rinse cycle to get all of the soap and conditioner out of the rug.

Step 4 – Hang Dry

Never dry your rug with heat. Instead, let it hang dry. Windy, cold weather is best. If you don’t have this weather, you can hang the rug indoors and use a floor fan to blow it dry.

Brush the Rug

Brush the rug as it dries, occasionally moving it around to keep the skin soft and flexible.

Step 5 – Protect Your Rug

To keep your rug free from future stains, spray it liberally with a protective spray, like Scotch Guard. This will help to protect the rug from stains setting in the fibers.

Whether you treat your rug or not, you should clean your sheepskin at least twice a year to keep it looking new for longer.