How to Clean a Shower Filter

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 100-150
What You'll Need
Replacement shower cartridge
Shower cleaner
Sponge or rag
Rubber seal (if necessary)

A shower filter removes harmful chlorine from the water when you use the shower. Even though chlorine amounts may not be high, they can still make your skin feel tight and dry. A shower filter will keep your skin feeling soft and will also eliminate any strong smells from shower cleaners.

Step 1 - Take Shower Filter Apart

Unscrew the shower head to get to the shower filter. Unscrew the swivel nut that connects the shower filter to the threads of the shower arm. You may need pliers to loosen the swivel nut. Remove the top of the shower filter and the shower cartridge. If the seal is damaged, you might need to replace it.

Step 2 - Clean the Shower Filter

Use water and a sponge to clean out the shower filter. If there is mildew in places you can’t reach, soak the shower filter pieces in a pan filled with shower cleaner. Make sure to rinse the shower filter thoroughly before you install the new cartridge. Install the new cartridge according to the instructions. Make sure you purchase the right kind of cartridge to go with your specific shower filter. Reassemble the shower filter, replacing the cartridge according to directions and replacing the seal if it is damaged.

Step 3 - Clean the Shower Head and Arm

Before you reinstall the shower filter, clean the shower arm and shower head. Use vinegar in a pan and soak the showerhead in the vinegar solution to make sure it’s clean. Use a sponge and water to rinse the vinegar and get rid of anymore mildew or dirt. Using the shower cleaner or water in the pan, submerge the shower arm in the solution until it is clean. Remove any sludge you can see. Once everything is clean, you can reassemble it.

Step 4 - Reassemble the Shower Filter and Head

Align the threads of the shower arm and shower filter. Tighten the swivel nut and use pliers if you don’t get the swivel nut tight enough. Do not tighten the filter too much, because you could break the plastic of the filter. Replace the showerhead; screw it into place by hand.

Step 5 - Run the Water

Allow the water to run for a few minutes to make sure everything is working properly. Allowing the water to run will also make sure the shower filter is properly pressurized. If you notice any leaks, you need to take the showerhead and filter apart and make sure everything is tightened. A shower filter will need to be cleaned or replaced annually. If the threads or swivel nut is damaged, you might need to buy a new shower filter.