How to Clean a Shower Surround

bathroom with rusty orange shower walls and cabinets

A shower surround is necessary to protect your bathroom walls from water and humidity. They can be made of ceramic tiles, PVC, granite, marble, glass, metallic tiles, or porcelain. Cleaning a shower surround regularly is necessary to remove dirt and prevent stains. You can remove stains and other types of dirt in your shower surround using a mild abrasive cleaner. Follow these steps to clean your shower surround.

Ventilate Your Bathroom

Before cleaning your shower surround, open the windows and doors of your bathroom to allow for ventilation. If your bathroom has a ventilation fan, turn it on.

Wear Protective Gear

Wear rubber gloves and a protective mask to protect your skin and lungs from complications resulting from exposure to abrasive cleaners.

Apply the Cleaner

bathroom with white shower and cabinets

A mild abrasive cleaner, such as Zud’s, can be purchased at a home improvement store. Mild abrasive cleaners come in powdered and liquid form. If you are using a powdered cleaner, wet the washcloth and pour the powder on the cloth. Wipe the walls of the shower surround.

If you are using a liquid cleaner, spray an even amount on the shower walls, including the bottom part of the surround. Allow the mild abrasive cleaner to do its work for fifteen minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Scrub the Wall Surround

Use a scrub brush to scour the surround, including the shower floor. Pay special attention to areas where staining is visible. Rinse with warm water. To remove stubborn dirt and stains, repeat steps two and three.

Kill the Smell

Prepare a fresh washcloth with vinegar. Wipe the shower with the vinegar-soaked cloth to remove the caustic smell of the cleaner and leave your shower surround sparkling clean.