How to Clean a Solar Pool Cover

What You'll Need
Rubber gloves
Rubber pad
Nozzle water spray or pressure spray kit
Plastic container (wide mouth)
Pool brush
Pool soap
Pool clarifier
Clean rags

Your solar pool cover works overtime to protect your pool from debris and other foreign objects. With time, the pool cover gets dirty and moldy so you need to clean it carefully to avoid contaminating your pool. To clean your solar pool cover, here is what you should do. 

Step 1 – Get Ready

Use rubber gloves to protect hands from long exposure to soap. Use rubber pad to protect knees and shin while kneeling on the pool edge.

Step 2 - Prepare the Materials and the Area

Mix pool soap with water on the bucket. Make ready the water spray or any high pressure spray. Open the pool pump and let the water run through the surface. Pull up the pool cover so it floats into the surface. This makes it easier to hold on while high pressure spray sweeps across its surface.

Step 3 – Sweep Debris Away

Use the high pressure water spray to push out leaves, pollen, and other loose debris into the pool filter. Widen the spray coverage and push debris and all in sweeping motion into the side drain. Do this across the entire span of the pool cover.

Step 4 – Apply the Pool Soap

Use the plastic container to scoop soap solution from the bucket to spread on top of the solar pool cover. Again, use the high pressure spray to push the solution and suds across the entire cover. This will loosen dirt on top of the cover and flush it off into the pool filter. Dip the rag into the soap bucket and apply soap across the seams. This will ensure that those recesses not hit by the spray are also cleaned. Use a rubber pad to shield your knee and shin while doing this step. Spray high pressure water once more on the seams.

Step 5 – Include Upper Pool Areas

Roll up the pool cover and check the exposed portion of tiles above the level occupied by the pool cover. Being exposed all the time, these tiles are prone to dirt and debris as well. Dip the pool brush into the soap bucket and use the rubber pad again to kneel on while brushing the tiles. Flush this off with jet of high pressure spray to remove loose dirt on surface. When flushing the surface, pay close attention to the dirt and grime hiding on the corners and crevices.

Step 6 – Treat your Pool to Get it Ready for Use

Treat the pool with chlorine shock and clarifier while running the pool pump overnight. Rinse the pool filter well the morning after. Meanwhile keep the solar pool cover rolled up at a safe distance from the treated water. Exposure to such harsh chemicals will damage the cover material and shorten its usage life.

Step 7 – Finish Up

After cleaning your pool cover, gather all your tools and materials and put them in their proper containers. Make sure that you cover bottles of chemicals and cleaning materials before you store them.