How to Clean a Solar Tube Skylight

What You'll Need
Clean water
Glass cleaner
Working gloves
Wash cloth or sponge

A solar tube skylight can be installed between rafters without the need for elaborate or expensive modifications to a roof or rafter system. They produce natural and warm light, which can be used to transform the inside spaces in the home. To keep them looking good and producing bright light, it is necessary to clean them regularly so as to remove dirt, stains and debris that accumulate inside the dome over time.

Step 1 – Assemble Equipments

Gather materials and equipments to be used in cleaning the solar tube skylight. Obtain a strong and safe ladder and prop it firmly against the wall.

Step 2 – Disassemble the Skylight Tube

Carefully remove the diffuser from the ceiling and place it in a safe position. Use a screwdriver to loosen screws used to fix the dome to the flashing. Place the screws in a safe position and take care of the dome as well. The screws can be used again.

Exercise caution when removing the tubing and the flashing. Gently remove the screws and the tubing from the flashing.

Step 3 – Clean Components of Skylight Tube

Fill a bucket with clean soapy water. Gently and firmly wash the flashing, tube, ceiling ring, and dome. Repeat the process using clean, soapy water and make sure that each piece is free from dust and hardened dirt.

Pour clean water in the bucket and rinse the skylight tube components. Repeat the process and place them in a cool dry place for them to dry.

Step 4 – Clean the Ceiling

Inspect the surrounding area at which the solar tube skylight is fixed. Start from the roof and use a broom or brush to remove dirt, dust, debris or leaves. Follow this step by cleaning the spot between ceiling joists and roof rafters. Clean the spot on the ceiling at which the skylight tube is attached using a wet cloth. Remove dirt spots or insect droppings and rinse with a clean wet cloth.

Step 5 – Fix the Skylight Tube

Make sure that all pieces are dry. Start by inserting the flashing and secure it using screws removed before. Carefully insert the tubing through the flashing until it is even with the ceiling ring. Secure the flashing using screwdrivers. Attach the dome to the flashing and fasten the screws. Finish by putting the diffuser back in position.