How to Clean a Stainless Steel Stove Top

A stainless steel stove top may take a little more care to keep clean and sparkling but that hasn’t stopped the latest trend toward stainless steel appliances in the home. The more often stainless steel is cleaned, the less work there will be in keeping it clean and looking good. Like any appliance, the easiest way to keep it clean is to clean up any mess as soon as it happens. A stainless steel stove top may prove to be more challenging than any of the other stainless steel appliances due to what it is used for.

For fingerprints and easy to clean dirt, you can use a cloth that has been dampened with water. If it does not come clean with a cloth and water, you can add a little dish soap solution and try again. You also have the option to scrape off any stubborn grime but be careful not to scratch the surface. If scraping is necessary, it is best to use your fingernail or something plastic. There are also stainless steel cleaners or eco-friendly stainless steel cleaners that can be purchased for those really stubborn messes.

Always remember to rinse off the cleaning solution that you use and use a clean soft cloth or newspaper to make it shine. A little olive oil or mineral oil on a clean cloth can be used to bring back the shine to the stainless steel.