How to Clean a Synthetic Oil Filter How to Clean a Synthetic Oil Filter

What You'll Need
Car jack
Jack stand
Brake cleaning solution
Drainage receptacle

Synthetic oil is considered to be the best option for vehicles. The synthetic oil filter should be cleaned and following the steps to properly clean the filter will ensure that the oil can be put to full use in the engine without the filter becoming clogged.

Step 1 – Access

Use car jacks and jack stands beneath the frame of the vehicle to lift it and hold it in place. Next, place a receptacle beneath the filter to catch any oil from the filter.

Use a wrench to turn the bolt and remove the filter. Remove the synthetic oil filter from the assembly and rinse it in brake cleaning solution. If your filter has any stubborn debris, gently wipe with a rag.   

Step 2 – Dry and Replace

After it has been cleaned, lay the synthetic oil filter on a rag to let it air dry. Reassemble the filter before you return it to the vehicle. Reverse the removal procedure and make sure that the fastener is tightly secured.

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