How to Clean a Vacuum Brush Roll

What You'll Need
towel or newspaper
scissor,seam ripper or sharpened letter opener
hard sided rule

For optimal vacuum cleaning it is important to maintain and clean your vacuum brushes and roller. After each vacuum session take the time to clean the brush and roller, as dirty or entangled rollers will drastically reduce the suction power of your vacuum.


Step 1- Prepare for cleaning

Unplug your vacuum and lay it on its back for easy access to the underside and brushes. You may want to place a towel or newspaper under the vacuum while cleaning to catch any dirt that can fall out. Next, remove the brush roller according your vacuum’s owner’s manual, though most simply slide or pop out. Once every six weeks you’ll also want to test the bristles on your brush, as they do wear down and become less effective over time. To do this, take a hard sided ruler and run it parallel over the bottom of the vacuum while the roller is still in place. The bristles from the brush should bend somewhat as the ruler passes over, and it should cause the roller to rotate slightly. If the bristles are so worn down they are not affected by the ruler you need to replace the brush. 

 Step 2-Clean

Once the brush roller is free, remove any hair, string, floss or other debris that is wrapped around the brush. You can do this with any sharp object, but scissors, seam rippers or a sharpened letter opener works best. Slide your chosen instrument along the base of the roller, cutting the entangled debris, but be careful not to cut the actual bristles. When the debris is loosened remove it by combing it out, or use your fingers to pull it out. To remove finer dust particles use a damp sponge and stroke the brush in the same direction as the bristles. While you have the roller removed you also want to check the area on the underside of your vacuum around the roller and remove any debris that may be clogging your inner tubing or hindering the rotation of the roller.

 Step 3- Reassemble

Once the brush and the area around the brush are cleaned, pop the roller back into position following your instruction manual, and use as normal.