How to Clean an Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil

What You'll Need
pair of gloves
coil cleaner spray
coil coating treatment
vacuum cleaner
water hose
fine comb

In order to keep your air conditioner functioning well, the air conditioner evaporator coil should be clean at all times. Dirt accumulates on the coils and causes them to work less efficiently. They are unable to take up and release heat. This in turn decreases the air conditioner’s ability to cool efficiently. Follow the simple steps described below to effectively clean your air conditioners evaporator coil.

Step 1 – Type of Air Conditioner

Before starting with the cleaning process, analyze which type of air conditioner you have. Nowadays, air conditioners come in variety of sizes and shapes. However, they all contain similar parts.  Also, read the air conditioners manual before going further. This will give you a better knowledge of where to look for the evaporator.

Step 2 – Detaching the Grill

Before starting, wear a pair of gloves. Now, locate the conditioners evaporator coils. Remember there are two types of coils in the air conditioner. One is present in the evaporator unit and the other is present in the condenser unit. Evaporator unit coils are mostly found outside the house. Using a screw driver, unscrew and remove the grill. Once that is done, the evaporator coils will be directly visible, unlike the conditioner unit coils which are hidden behind the filter.

Step 3 – Cleaning the Air Conditioner Evaporator Coils

Remove the evaporator coils from their housing and brush them. This will remove excess dirt. Now, use the electric vacuum cleaner and vacuum all the grime away that has gathered over the evaporator unit. After that is done, use a water hose and use normal water pressure to clean of any dirt that might still be present on the coils. Be careful with the kind of water pressure you use to clean the coil. If the water pressure is too high, the coil fins might get bent. Now spray a generous amount of coil cleaner spray between the coils so it may dislodge any dirt that otherwise may remain stuck. Such a spray works quite effectively if bought in an aerosol can since it has a greater ability to inject spray deeper into the coils. Leave it for 5 to 7 minutes. Now use the water hose to rinse off the spray. Again be careful to use the right water pressure. Keep on rinsing until clean water starts flowing off the coil. Once you are confident about removing all the first from the coils, use the fine comb and straighten any or all of the coils that might have bent from water pressure. Make sure you give appropriate time for the coils to dry. 

Step 4 – Coil Coating Treatment

Once the coil has dried out, use a coil coating treatment. This will reduce the amount of dirt sticking on the coils in the near future. Once that is done, Attach the coil back into the evaporator unit and screw the grill back on. Your air conditioner should now cool much more efficiently than before.