How to Clean an Ice Maker in a Freezer

Pulling an ice tray out of the freezer
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-20
What You'll Need
Mild dish detergent
Ice maker
Ice maker cleaner

The ice maker is a convenience in a freezer that may be taken for granted—until something goes wrong. With proper preventative care, it is possible to keep your ice maker working for a long time. Regularly clean your system to keep it functioning properly and to have fresher tasting ice.

Step 1 - Defrost the Fridge

Before you clean, you will need to defrost the entire freezer. Lift the arm on the ice maker to put it into the off position. Unplug the appliance and open the doors. After three hours, remove the ice tray and dump any water.

Step 2 - Clean the Ice Tray

in-freezer ice maker

Use warm water and mild detergent to thoroughly clean the ice tray. Make sure to invert the tray so it will be able to completely dry before you replace it in the freezer.

Step 3 - Clean the Ice Maker

Add in an ice maker cleaner to the top of the appliance. This solution will clean the inside and the working parts. Plug in the freezer, put the tray in place and allow the ice maker to go through three cycles of making ice. Throw the test ice away and replace the tray before use.