How to Clean an Indoor Jacuzzi

What You'll Need
Steel wool
High strength cleaning agent (acrylic-friendly)
Cleaning powder
Large cloths
A sponge
Ultra-fine sandpaper
Some paste wax

An indoor jacuzzi can be the perfect way to relax after a long day. A jacuzzi is a big investment and therefore needs a great deal of care and attention. Cleaning a jacuzzi tub is quick and easy. It will save you money and lengthen the life of your tub. Here is a simple way to clean an indoor jacuzzi tub.

Step One - Removing Residue

Over time, residue will be left in your jacuzzi tub. This will commonly form around pump heads and where the water line has been. You will need to remove this regularly. Use a small piece of steel wool to gently scrub at residue marks. Apply a small amount of a acrylic-friendly cleaning agent if the marks are proving difficult to remove. Remove residue from the jet heads by turning them on momentarily. Wipe them as soon as they are turned off using a little cleaner. Make sure you wipe over any areas you have been working on with a warm and damp sponge. Do not focus on the rest of the jacuzzi tub yet.

Step Two - Circulating Cleaner

The next step is to circulate cleaning agent around the jacuzzi tub and into the interior components. Fill the jacuzzi with warm water and make sure that all jets are covered to an excess of roughly four inches. Turn the jacuzzi on without the aerator working. Pour some cleaning powder close to the intake part of the circulation pump. This powder will be sucked up and will travel through the pumps, cleaning them as it runs through. Leave the jacuzzi running for roughly ten minutes and do the same thing again. Drain and wipe down any residue that appears afterward.

Step Three - Cleaning the Tub

You will need to give all parts of the tub a thorough clean. Use an acrylic-friendly cleaner and a large cloth. Apply small amounts of the cleaner and rub in thoroughly as you go. Rinse around the tub after you have done this and wipe down with another large cloth. You should not be able to notice any stains or small residue marks if this process has been carried out correctly. This will be the most time consuming step, but most stains and dirt residues can only be removed through high amounts of pressure applied by hand.

Step Four - Finishing

Your final step is to maintain areas that could cause a dirt build up in the future. Use an ultra-fine sandpaper to rub out any small scratches inside the jacuzzi tub. Do this until the scratched areas feel smooth by hand. Rinse the jacuzzi to remove any small sand particles from the paper. Finish by applying a small layer of paste wax all over the jacuzzi. This will help to give it the glossy finish that it was installed with. It will also make the jacuzzi look as good as new if all of the previous cleaning steps have been performed correctly.

Step Five - Usage Maintenance

Remember to always rinse and wipe down your jacuzzi after use to stop large build ups of dirt.