How to Clean an Oscillating Fan

What You'll Need
Hand soap or all-purpose cleaner
Hand towel or cloth
Warm water

A dirty oscillating fan can be noisy and irritating. This article will outline how to properly clean a fan safely and effectively.

Step 1 -  Disassemble

First, unplug the fan from electricity and wipe off the outer surface of the fan to remove obstructing dirt and dust. To remove the fan grille, you'll either have to remove the grille clips by hand or use a screwdriver if the grille is screwed in. Unscrew the blade caps and remove each blade individually. If the blade is one piece, it should detached from the back grille through a screw. Remove this so that the blades can be cleaned.

Step 2 - Cleaning and Drying

Take warm water with soap or cleaner and wipe down every blade, the fan grille and the back fan grille. Be careful not to get any electrical component wet. When finished, wipe down each part with a dry cloth. For safest results, allow the parts to air dry for 10 minutes as well. Reassemble the fan carefully in the reverse order it was taken apart.