How to Clean an RV Mattress

An RV mattress gives you a good night rest, even when you are away from home or camping on the road in the middle of nowhere. However, due to exposure to the elements and constant use, the RV mattress can get soiled. Especially when out camping, due to the cramped space, you may have been eating on top of your mattress, leading to food stains. Consider the following as you clean the mattress from your RV.

Tips and Warnings

RV mattresses were not meant to be machine washed or soaked because it will take too long to dry. Once dried, the filling will clump together, giving you a lumpy mattress.

Remove stains on the mattress by dabbing the stain with a soapy solution made of bleach. You can also spray the spot with a bit of peroxide.

Proper Cleaning of RV Mattress

Take the mattress out of the RV and lay it on a flat surface. Clean the mattress with the help of a vacuum cleaner. First vacuum one side of the mattress, and then flip over the mattress to do the other side. Ensure that you have vacuumed through every inch of the mattress in order to suck out the dirt, dust and mites that have accumulated.