How to Clean an RV Stove

Cleaning an RV stove is slightly different from cleaning a regular kitchen stove. The process isn't difficult, but should be done frequently to prevent build up which can cause unpleasant odor or fire when used. Most importantly, do not use any oven-off sprays or foaming agents with the stove. The chemicals are often far too strong to be inhaled in the small space and residues can be flammable.

Tools and Materials

  • Cleaning clothes or rags
  • Sponge
  • Abrasive Scrubbing Pad
  • Medium Sized Bowl
  • Dish Soap
  • White Vinegar

Step 1 - Interior

Wipe all loose debris out of the interior of the stove. Next, fill the bowl with warm water and dishsoap. Using a cloth, wipe the inside of the stove out with the soapy water, using the scrubby pad as necessary on tough spots. Dry the interior when finished so no standing water is left.

Step 2 - Exterior

Wipe the top surface of the stove. Either pull up the individual racks holding in the burners or the single large wrack. Remove and replace disposable burner liners. Wipe out any spills or debris which is caught underneath burners. Vinegar can work well on trouble areas if you allow it to sit on the stain for 5 minutes. When using anything abrasive, be delicate with the stove finish.