How to Clean and Maintain an Electric Skillet

With an electric skillet made of either aluminum or stainless steel you can fry, grill, steam and make feather-light pancakes fast. Many of these appliances have non-stick interiors that need special care when cooking and cleaning. Check these tips to clean and maintain your electric skillet.

Allow the Skillet to Cool

Always unplug your skillet and let it cool before cleaning. This will prevent damage to the interior coating.

Remove the Control Plug

Pull the control plug straight out of the connector when it has cooled slightly.

Wash Carefully

Immerse the front part of the electric skillet in the sink with hot water and grease-cutting dish soap. Keep the connector entry out of the water. Wipe it with a dishcloth, nylon pot scraper or scrubber-sponge to protect the non-stick interior. Turn the skillet so the connector entry is above the water surface, and scrub the outside. Avoid getting water in the electrical works. Dry with a dishtowel and set in the dish drainer to air dry any water that may be in the connector entry. Wash the lid in the dishwasher or by hand.

Cooking with the Electric Skillet

Always use plastic or silicone kitchen tools in a non-stick electric skillet. This will prevent scratches to the material.