How to Clean Battery Acid Out of a Charger

What You'll Need
Latex gloves
Cotton swabs
New small paintbrush
Old rag
Flathead screwdriver
3-in-1 oil
Metal tin
Squeeze bottle

When a battery leaks inside a battery charger (or any other electronic device) it can be a pretty scary experience. Corrosion cleanup is not something to take too lately as this leaked liquid is very caustic. Always remember to take great care with your safety when you are attempting to remove spilled battery acid. This article will walk you through cleaning battery acid from a charger as well as other electronics.

Step 1 - Removing the Battery

If you have checked the charger and the battery is still leaking battery acid then take great care in removing the battery. The acid that is inside the metal cylinder can easily burn your eyes and your skin. Put the latex gloves on and grip the battery charger tightly in one hand. Use the flat-head screwdriver to remove the battery from the charger by inserting the tip at the flat end of the battery. Slowly pry the batteries from the contact point and discard them inside a metal tin.

Step 2 - Removing the Acid

There will most likely be acid all over the inside of the charger. It will be very noticeable and look somewhat like a calcium deposit. Use the flat-head screwdriver again by scraping the battery acid off of the charger. Be certain to scrape away from you and not toward you. Start slowly and continue to carefully remove the acid from the plastic and metal contacts. Carefully scrape the springs contacts as well. Remove as much as you can with this instrument before using your small paintbrush. The bristles of the brush will help loosen the acid on the metal.

Step 3 - Finishing Up

With most of the acid removed from the charger you can now get even more of the acid off of the charger as well as protecting it from further incidents. Pour a small amount of the oil in a small squeeze bottle. Hold one of the cotton swabs as you place just two drops of the oil on the cotton end of the swab. Use the cotton swab on the battery charger by rubbing the oil all over the charger. Pay special attention to the areas that you had to scrape vigorously. Do not neglect the metal contacts including the springs. You want to try to get a good layer of oil. Once you are satisfied allow the oil to soak for about 10-minutes.

When time is up use a dry cotton swab and rub away the excess oil. Use as many cotton swabs as you have to until the oil is removed as much as possible. Continue wiping the battery charger down with the old rag being careful to not damage the contacts. On one last cotton swab as a very small amount of oil and coat the contacts and springs.

You can now use the battery charger again. Just be sure you used a very, very small amount of oil. This last coating will protect the contacts from acid.