How to Clean Bird Droppings Off Your Patio Furniture

If your patio furniture has fallen victim to bird droppings, you may be curious about how to go about cleaning it. If so, it may interest you to learn that cleaning bird droppings off your patio furniture can easily be accomplished with the aid of a few common household items.

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

Begin by filling an empty spray bottle with a mixture of hot water and mild detergent. This easy-to-make homemade cleaning solution is surprisingly effective in purging bird droppings from patio furniture.

Apply Your Cleaning Solution

Now that you've prepared your cleaning solution, you're ready to begin the cleaning process. Using your spray bottle, vigorously apply your homemade cleaner to any dropping-laden areas of your furniture. After allowing your cleaning solution to sit for several minutes, use an expendable sponge or washcloth to wipe away the bird droppings. Repeat this step until your furniture is completely dropping-free.

Preventative Measures

Now that you've thoroughly cleaned your furniture, you'll want to keep it free of bird droppings. This is usually a simple matter of using outdoor furniture covers or, in the case of light patio furniture, storing your furniture indoors when it is not in use.