How to Clean Blinds

Spring Cleaning

As much beauty and enhancement that blinds add to any room, and as much sunlight that they keep out or let in, they are definitely difficult to clean. The following is an explanation of how to clean blinds under different “dirty” circumstances.

How to Clean Greasy Blinds

  1. Aluminum - Remove the blinds from the windows and clean with ammonia mixed with water. You may also place them in a hot bath mixed with dishwashing detergent or clean with a baking soda/water mixture.
  2. Cloth - Remove the blinds and lay them flat on a towel. Mix a solution of very mild detergent with water. Dip a baby toothbrush into the detergent/water solution. Very gently brush the blinds with the damp brush. You will need to clean the brush once it becomes too greasy, or use new one. After one side dries, turn it over and use the same procedure.
  3. Wooden - It is not recommended to wash wooden blinds. Vacuum and dust them as often as possible and treat them with lemon oil.

How to Clean Dirty & Dusty Blinds

  1. Aluminum - Spray mild detergent mixed with water onto the blinds then wipe with a clean, cotton rag or soak in tub with dishwashing liquid and hot water. Use the shower to rinse the blinds.
  2. Cloth - Vacuum them as often as possible and make sure that the vacuum brush is free of dirt and dust.
  3. Wooden - Vacuum and dust as often as possible and treat with lemon oil.